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Water Filter

Offering you a complete choice of products which include Water Filter such as Activated Carbon Filter, Dual Media Filter, Mixed Bed Unit, Iron Removal Filter, Micro Filter, Down Flow Filter and many more items.

Activated Carbon Filter

Activated Carbon Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter
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Activated Carbon Filter offered by us is used for water & Waste Water purification for different applications like BOD, removal of color, smell, odor and turbidity. Comprising of pressure vessels, these could be either vertical/ horizontal-fitted with frontal pipe work and valves.

Our activated carbon is also well supported by:

  • Layers of graded under bed consisting of pebbles & gravels
  • Top distributor to distribute the incoming water uniformly throughout the cross section of activated carbon filter
  • Under drain system to collect filtered water

Activated carbon (AC) is a natural material derived from bituminous coal, lignite, wood, coconut shell and is activated by steam & other means. With different adsorption properties (e.g. bituminous carbon for high chlorine reduction capacity), we hold expertise in utilizing various blends of carbon to achieve specific water quality & contaminants reduction (e.g. coconut shell carbon for "sweet taste").
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Mixed Bed Unit

Mixed Bed Unit
  • Mixed Bed Unit
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We are offering Mixed Bed Unit which includes a single column of Cation and Anion resin material mixed intimately together. The water passes through the column and comes repeatedly in contact with these resins and is thus is effect subjected to an almost infinite number of demineralising stages. These mixed bed units are regenerated with acid and alkali but the ion exchange resins must be separated to from the superimposed layers into which the acid and alkali solutions and rinse water are introduced through specially designed spreaders.
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Iron Removal Filter

Iron Removal Filter
  • Iron Removal Filter
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The Iron Removal Filter that we manufacture are widely used to eliminate turbidity, suspended particles, color, odor and iron that are available in raw water. These iron removal filters are known for their easy operation and give crystal clear water. Our iron removal filters are accurately designed to fulfill our client's specific requirements. These filters purify water from sand without clogging the filter. The entire range can also be customized as specified by the clients.


Iron removal filter is manually operated, processed catalytic filtration unit where the raw water passes through the layer of compressed air, processed catalyst & quartz filter media respectively. The dissolved ferrous iron salts are converted into insoluble ferric salt and precipitated over the filter bed and then the iron free filtered water comes out. Only back washing with clear water and compressed air is required for cleaning the bed.


  • Mild Steel Welded Pressure Vessel fitted with M. S. Control pipe & C.I. diaphragm valve, strainers, sampling cock, pressure gauge, air compressor and first charge filter media.


  • Hotels
  • Hospital
  • P.H.E.
  • Housing Flats
  • Tea Garden
  • Industry


  • Remove Yellow stains from clothes
  • Prevents bacteria and stomach/gastric disorder
  • Prevents corrosion & clogging of pipe line
  • Keeps Bathrooms / kitchens clear

Flow Range:

  • 50 liters/hr to 50.000 liters/hr
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Arsenic Removal Filter

Arsenic Removal Filter
  • Arsenic Removal Filter
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This Arsenic Removal Filter the harmful arsenic acid dissolved in any in water and other liquid so that it does not cause any harmful effect on the health when consumed. The Who (World Health Organization) advices a maximum concentration of 10 ppb. Although arsenic may be found in surface water, groundwater is the main source of arsenic in water. Consequently, concentrations above 10 ppb may be found naturally in groundwater. In groundwater arsenic exists as water-insoluble inorganic arsenic As-V anions or As-III molecules.

Working Principle:

  • Arsenic can be removed from water by means of adsorptive media


  • Proven, state-of-the-art iron-oxide adsorption particles effectively remove BOTH types of Arsenic (III & V) from your water supply
  • Iron-oxide used in POU and POE filter systems
  • Operates over a wide range of pH and water quality conditions
  • Adsorptive media can operate in water quality where an RO system typically needs pretreatment
  • No chemicals are added to your water (like chlorine) and it does not need to be regenerated like ion exchange systems
  • No arsenic containing wastewater or large volumes of RO wastewater to discharge into your septic/leach fields
  • Used adsorption particles are easily replaced and are disposable with your regular household trash as non-hazardous solid waste (Maine & NH), check local regulations
  • No wasted water down the drain, like in an RO system
  • Consistent arsenic removal performance
  • Long adsorption life, up to several years (dependent on Arsenic concentrations and the household water usage rate, etc.)*
  • Written arsenic removal performance guarantees
  • Replacement of adsorption particles is based upon a pre-determined gallon rating for each particular system (POU or POE) and the raw water quality, which includes any pretreatment equipment
  • Costs are similar or less than other systems but our POU requires very little maintenance, except for the periodic changing of the filter media/cartridge and it has an equal or better arsenic removal rate
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