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Swimming Pool Filtration System

At Shivam, We offer a wide array of plant equipment, accessories and chemicals for swimming pools. These are all calibrated to specified standards and are used extensively by various institutions. They are manufactured from high grade materials and are durable.

We undertake filter system, lighting system supply, installation jobs and consultancy jobs for all types of swimming pools, water bodies and fountains. Quite a large percentage of our work is repeat business which is a fair indication of our customer satisfaction.

And last but not the least, we try to build upon our impressive reputation in the industry for our core services, and to continue to develop additional services and products for the industry. We have the attitude, education, training, experience and vision to help you make your aspiration come true by maximizing your returns on the money spent.

We also offer an exciting range of pools which are prefabricated and can be installed without major construction required. Fabricated from tough waterproof, leak resistant fiber reinforced plastic, our FRP pools are a convenient, durable and stylish option for swimming pools. Shubham offers Ready Made FRP one piece swimming pools with and without flow regulators. These pools are very useful for personal uses.

We undertake repair and renovation work of existing pools and allied equipment. Our clients are provided with all assistance in upgrading their existing structure and on-site repair work. We provide cost effective solutions to our clients and enhance the performance and utility of their swimming pools. Full back up is provided by us during renovation.

We attribute our success to the total commitment to quality and dedication to complete the projects in time using the latest technology available in this field.

Swimming Pool Filtration System

Swimming Pool Filtration System
  • Swimming Pool Filtration System
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Think of the perfect swimming pool and visions of sparkling water and happy swimmers likely dance in your head. Keeping this scene intact involves taking the proper steps to sanitize the pool and prevent any health or aesthetic problems. The water will then remain clear of algae, free of disease causing pathogens and users won’t complain about red eyes or chlorine smell.

To keep this intention in our mind SHIVAM has provided you following solutions to keep your swimming pool clean:


For swimming pool filtration first we use sand filter to remove smallest debris and sediments from your water which comes in pool through human contact and other modes like rain and air. Basically, water flows into the top of the filter housing and makes its way down through the sand bed where the sharp edges of the sand catch the dirt. Sand filters certainly are efficient enough to keep just about any pool clean if we provide it maintenance properly .Maintenance means backwashing where the flow of clean water is reversed back into the filter.

To enhance the filtration, we normally use Alum and /or poly electrolyte in the feed to the sand filters.


Ozone is an unstable gas and it is the most powerful Oxidant used in Swimming Pools and has the ability to destroy algae and bacteria, inactive viruses and to oxidize many organic and inorganic contaminants which are present in the water.

Ozone has a short half life in aqueous solution this Ozonized water can be recycled in Swimming Pools without fear of building high concentration of dissolved Chemicals.

Application of Ozone in Water treatment for Swimming pools.

Anybody entering a swimming pool contaminates the water either from secretion or just from washing off.

Typical Contaminated are:

  • Sweat
  • Skin flaks
  • Mucous
  • Hair ointments
  • Urine

Benefits of Ozonization:

  • Decrease in chlorine use
  • Improval of the filter and coagulant capacities. This leads to a reduction of coagulant use  and less backwashing of the filter is required
  • Water use can be decreased, because of an increase in water quality
  • Ozone oxidizes organic and inorganic matter in the water, without the formation of unwanted byproducts, such as chloramines (which cause a chlorine-scent)
  • Chlorine scents can be fully diminished by ozone application
  • Ozone is a more powerful oxidant and disinfectant than chlorine. Certain chlorine-resistant pathogens


Chlorine is regularly fed into the pool water and should be tested daily — at a minimum — for proper disinfection. Routine chlorination kills harmful microorganisms that can cause health-related problems, such as gastroenteritis, Legionnaires disease, ear infections and athlete’s foot. Learning how to properly test your water will allow you to identify the chlorine residual and demand in pool water. More frequent testing is needed if there is heavy bather use.
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